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Originally Posted by The Hobgoblin View Post
Another crime by the A$G. We didn't even get a lame duck season to say farewell to our players and let them know the FANS didn't let them down. It was the deadbeat owners.

I have no idea what I'm going to do for hockey now. My local team in Columbus, Ga. is in the SPHL which is like Single A hockey. I personally don't want an AHL team in Atlanta. The only thing I want is the NHL. You don't get to see the best of the best and spend thousands of dollars over years to be told "Sorry, not for you, thanks for the money and here's a middle finger to you and your family" and accept some minor league team.

I still have the Blackhawks from when the Flames left when I was a kid and picked them to follow but it isn't the same. We Thrasher fans don't even have a legacy board on this site to commiserate. Instead we have the Canes and Preds already fighting over whose going to get the Thrasher television market and fans.

How exactly am I as a fan supposed to go from hating the Canes and not having any real attachment to the Preds to being a die hard fan for either? If I go to these games with the former Thrashers just to act like the bitter, angry fan I really am how does that help these other teams? The A$G sure as hell doesn't care.

So do I show up and let my feelings be known so some tv commentator can mention "hey look former Thrasher fans here, poor guys" and the people around get tired of "sign guy"? Ugh. It is a lose/lose situation. Thanks again NHL.
If it had happened to me back in 2007 I'd definitely be echoing your sentiments. Who to cheer for? I'd narrowed it down to Chicago, St. Louis or Atlanta IF I could make myself stop hating the NHL enough to ever watch hockey again. Do I cheer for a team that I had no history with because they were southern and the fanbase needed my help or did I cheer for a team grudgingly because I did have a history with them? It's a tough call. I'd THINK it would be easier to cheer for a team where you have no history, but you don't know the players nor the opponents' players. You'd miss the old teams you played--it's sort of like joining hands with not only a new team but a new league! On the other hand, it would be hard to start cheering for the players you hated with all your fan convictions last year.

I hope you do show up, decked out to the max in your Atlanta gear. If you drink you may find your beers are paid for by some sympathetic fans--and believe me, we ARE sympathetic.

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