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09-13-2011, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by NewEnglandBrownBear View Post
lol, i read the whole thread. I can multiquote all of the things i mentioned, but thought that would be more obnoxious than my original post, being that i'm a Bruins fan on the MTL board.
what you would take from this thread if you didn't selectively read what you wanted to read is that yes, montreal/boston is a good rivalry, but habs fans and habs players to not take that rivalry anywhere near as seriously as bruins fans/media/players take it.

and the only reason boston is our biggest rivalry now is that toronto ****ing sucks. kind of a piss poor rivalry when one team is so irrelevant. ergo, i couldn't give two ***** about toronto right now, unless they somehow manage to make the playoffs

and saying some bruins fans act like ********** means nothing toward the rivalry as a whole and everything toward some of your fans who act like douchbags :shockandsurprise.

in regards to philly: I hate some of the fans <-> couldn't care less about the team either way. richards was a grade A *******, now he's gone, oops. don't care anymore.

and for what it's worth, by game 6, i was rooting for you guys.

i know it will be difficult, but there, wrap your head around that

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