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09-13-2011, 02:08 PM
Mike McPhee
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Getting RDS in Ottawa?

Excited to watch the Habs this season! Except I just moved to Ottawa and am having a hard time figuring out how to get RDS without paying obscene amounts. Would appreciate tapping into the collective wisdom of the board.

My situation: I live in Ottawa and have an SD television. The only reason I have it is to watch the Habs - I don't care about any other channels other than RDS, and I don't care about HD. So far my research has gleaned the following:

- Rogers will only give it to me if I order their Digital Plus package, which comes to $63.63 per month (!). I see that RDS is actually one of the local analog channels in Ottawa (#41) -- does anyone with Digital Basic in Ottawa get it? The Rogers representative was totally useless on this point as I had to spend 10 minutes just convincing them that you can RDS at all in Ottawa.

- Bell will give it to me if I buy Digital Basic plus a Sports theme package, which comes to $57 per month.

This all seems pretty steep just to get one channel. I'm open to other suggestions. Please keep in mind that Ottawa seems to have different channel restrictions than the rest of Ontario. I also have Teksavvy cable internet (thanks Georges Laraque), so not sure if that interferes with any of the providers.

Can any kind souls here help me out?

I wish RDS still offered their online En Directe service....

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