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Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
So, were you celebrating New Year a little early last year and was completely out of your senses when you told Lavy to go with Leighton against LA?

flountown: Heyooooo!!!
Lavy: *holds phone away from ear*
flountown: Wha-what's up Petey-boy!?
Lavy: Please, don't call me that.
flountown: Yeah, whatever.... lischen.... lischen.... *zzzz*
Lavy: Hey, wake up! I need to know who I'll go with.
flountown: Huh? Oh, yeah, lischen to this, thish is brilliant! Today we're gonna fool them. It's April Foolsh day afterall.
Lavy: No, it's December 30.
flountown: Really? Oh, well, what the hell. We'll do something crazy in April as well then. Anyhooooo!!! Put ****face in net. That will throw them completely off their game. - Hey! I've got some eggnog left. Mmm... eggnogg...
Lavy: Leighton? Don't you remember what happened last time we tried that? Pronger will go ape-****, and poor Jeff still wakes up screaming Richie says.
flountown: Do as i say goddamnitsomuch! Remember that I've got pictures.
Lavy: Yes, Sir.
Haha, not one of my finer moments...

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