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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
This is the second time you say this. I let it go the first time because I didn't see the point in responding to a useless comment made only to bash PG, but I'm bored now so what the heck.
PG was not the GM in October, it was Gainey. So no, he didn't needlessly give up an asset (a 2nd round pick, not a huge asset) for a player he could have signed earlier seeing how he wasn't the one making the decisions.
For all we know, Gauthier could have advised Gainey to sign Moore back in October.

But hey, ''gnagnagna Gauthier sucks gnagnagna...''

Gauthier traded away a defenseman when we already had 8 on the active roster, with another one knocking at the door in Weber.
Unfortunately, the game after he made this trade, we lost Markov, and not too long after, Gorges.
But did you forget that we got Bournival in return??? Are you not pleased with this prospect?

So, in one trade, you blame Gauthier for not signing an UFA and then giving up an asset for him at the deadline (although he wasn't the GM in October..), in the other trade you say he traded away O'Byrne when his value was needed despite him being the 7-8th D and not even outplaying Picard. You also don't mention the fact Gauthier got a good prospect in return. Awesome.

Well, we got an asset in return for O'Byrne, so you should have said we could have still had our 2nd round pick (boohoo), but as I said, he wasn't the GM during summer 09. He became the GM on February 8th 2010, Dominic Moore signed with the Panthers October 4th 2009. You need to look at a calender to see which date is ahead of the other??
Also, getting Moore at the deadline, 3days after becoming the official GM, proved to be very helpful. I would trade away a 2nd round pick for a Conference Final run any day of the week. But hey, keeping whining about the signing he could have made as an Assistant, we all know Assistant sign players all the time..

Don't hold your breath, but maybe you should get a clue.
I was quite certain that this board's minister of propaganda was going to respond so thank you for not disappointing me.

So, we are to take your story that the team's second in command (who it has been suggested may have actually been making team decisions for some time) was in an entire disconnect with Gainey and that they were acting as though Gainey's files were passed over on the day Gainey stepped aside. That's pretty much an admission you have no knowledge of how organizations are compartmentalized or work.

Your assertions fit your role/schtick on this board, that second rounders outbound are valueless and inbound plugs like Bournival are brilliance even when proven otherwise. You practice these lines so completely that even in the face of nearly immediate information that shows an incorrect assessment you cling to your management story like you are testifying before congress.

Other peoples concerns about the unsustainability of PG's approach and the loose spending of assets is valid, you need to get over yourself and join a discussion of these things. If you can't do that then hit the ignore button this isn't your board Mr. Minister.

I'm confining my argument to these examples however there are others that prove that PG's mindset is operational and less forward thinking than the job requires. Others should be able to join in without your adle minded and childish attacks. Your emotional retorts to the defence of the GM is what I would expect from one of his family members which I assume you are not.

As long as people choose to be fooled by unspectacular management that fails to bolster the lineup in September in favour of acquiring shiny new objects in February this team will gravitate to the 6th-10th position in the conference and stay there.

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