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09-13-2011, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
This may as well be the "wheres Katz living the most" thread. Theres really nothing new on the arena.

But aside from that and mentions of Vancouver penthouse meaning nothing it *could* signal a declining interest in Edmonton. Also it makes it a little more difficult for instance to meet with anybody here on an ongoing basis re the Arena if you're in Vancouver all the time.
Katz is difficult to reach or communicate with at the best of times. This isn't good news. One of the main problems throughout and the reason this whole arena thing is bogged down is the lack of ongoing meetings involving all parties.
What seems to be required here is putting everybody in a ring and staying put until all details are ironed out. I do think that a lack of ongoing and regular contact by Katz in the process contributes to this taking so long.
In an era with the quality and quanity of ways to communicate over long distance(not to mention he likely owns a jet), it's a bit of a stretch to suggest Katz would somehow be hard to contact or get ahold of if needed. He's got his people spearheading the project anyways. If he's needed, he comes out and does his thing, but he's hardly essential to the process.

Nothing needs to be ironed out anyways, everyone is just sitting on their hands while they wait out the results of the provincial election for the last bit of funding.

Originally Posted by Mr.Prez View Post
haha my coworker just read the article and told me that Katz is milking Edmonton taxpayers for as much as he can before he moves the team
Yeah, he's moving the team to Vancouver obviously.

The city was so impressed with the riot last spring, they want to have 2 riots running at the same time. PPV royalties of the fights between oiler rioters and nuck rioters fighting over police cars to torch could be a great source of income.

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