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09-13-2011, 07:12 PM
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I am doing everything I can to keep it fun for him. Him being a goalie is totally his decision. My goal is for him to have fun and enjoy it but it was hard watching him struggle but with leg pads on, that's expected. Everyone's always told him/us that "the goalie has to be the best skater" so I'm making sure he stays in his skating classes. His skating class coach thought he was ready to move up but I didn't so I held him back and then he did a make-up class and that coach also thought that he wasn't quite ready to move up so I made a good call. He did ask after Saturday if he could skate out next time so I told him that after this 10 week class is up, he can skate out if he wants to. So far he accepts that and is still telling me that he really wants to be a goalie. He will continue his skating classes untill he finishes all that are offered and then he will choose if he wants to be a goalie or not (at least thats the plan for now). A few weeks ago I wanted to make sure that he knew what he was getting into so I told him that "you know goalies don't shoot the puck or score any goals" he told me, "yes daddy I know". He listens to his coaches and try's really hard, so as long as HE wants to, we will continue to support his decision to be a goalie and play hockey.

I have gotten a couple goalie training books already and one (Hockey goaltending by Brian Daccord) came with a DVD so I show him a little bit at a time of the DVD. We toss nerf balls at his gloves and he loves hitting back. nobody in his mini-mite class can lift the puck yet so I'm thinking I won't send him out there with his goalie glove yet. That can come later, for now, minimize the struggling and keep it fun. I've taped a big nob on his goalie stick to help him get it off the ice easier. We play at home several times a day by his request and I make sure to put the leg pads on him to get him used to it and he's loving it but he can't do a butterfly in them no matter how hard he tries.

Thanks everyone for the input, I think I'm already doing alot of things right. If he's still really really struggling after 2 more weeks I might see if they will let me switch him to a non-goalie spot. The facility is a high end rink so I think I just expect better out of them when they are in paid full time positions and not volunteers.

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