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09-13-2011, 06:37 PM
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You guys are still talking about Parise?

CBA talk. It expires 1 year from this Thursday

" As I said, there are always going to be a number of clubs who can't spend to the cap and as the cap keeps going up, that number of clubs grows. It's believed some owners in the league would like to roll back the cap from about 58% of hockey-related revenue to 48-50% and, in exchange, likely eliminate the players having to pay escrow in case their take exceeds their allotted share.

" There is going to be a push by the owners to raise the age of unrestricted free agency by at least a couple of years. "You used to have a player until he was 31," said one GM. "Now you can lose them at 25 or 26. You spend a lot of money developing them and just when they're hitting their prime, you can lose them." That means raising the number of accrued seasons to achieve UFA status from seven to nine.

The players receive 57% of the gross. They started the current CBA with 54%. Why would they take 48%-50%? This is not the NFL with their 20 billion in projected revenue. The NHL wants to lower the cap. The NHL is a $3B league.

Group III is 7 accrued seasons(40 NHL games per season) or 27 years old. Not that many players have become group III's with 7 accrued seasons before reaching 27.

Some other things in the article about eliminating the floor,removing the option of getting a player off the cap by assigning him to the AHL and limiting how many times a player can file for arbitration were also mentioned.

Anything else? The floor guarantees teams spend a certain amount. The NFL doesn't have a floor but teams are supposed to spend up to 89.1% of the cap. The NFL players took a cut to 48% but their sport will only add billions in revenue. The NHLPA wants the players on the roster to count against the cap. Maybe any player signed to a 1 way contract making over $1M counts against the cap regardless of where he plays counts against the cap is a solution. NHL arbitration is a joke. The NHL never should have allowed it in their CBA.

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