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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
To answer the original question, I think it makes the organization look like a bunch of fools that they went from one extreme of not allocating money to the position to overreacting and spending far more than necessary.
I personally don't think it does, though your claim on overreacting and spending more than necessary does at least warrant consideration. But I think we aren't overpaying them by a great margin, if at all, I just hope they produce.

Originally Posted by flountown View Post
I'm good.
Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
I feel good about it.
Don't get me wrong, so do I, but prior to a couple of days ago, I haven't given much thought to how much money we have invested in them. And I did think more teams had us beat in that department. That's all I'm saying, I wasn't trying to imply anything with my original question.

Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
He is tied for the overall highest paid player this season, if you want to look at it that way.

This will only stir up more arguments about Holmgren/Snider's decision making, and jumping on Bryz immediately vs. waiting and taking a chance on Vokoun being cheaper.

Personally, I think we have an elite goaltender now, one who pretty much carried his average team to two consecutive playoff births in a hellacious Western Conference. In terms of tandems, they're right up there with NYR, LAK, NSH, and VAN. But I sleep easier at night knowing the organization finally addressed a need that has strained them since the day I was born.
Yeah, exactly, and in terms of goaltending I fully expect them to actually be up there (if not above) with all of those teams on the ice, not just on paper, as well. I think in general Bryzgalov is paid fairly, whereas Bob is overpaid (maybe not by much, but still, I'd expect an entry-level goalie to be paid less). But that's OK, they're not steals by any means, and I feel it's best NOT to look for those, anyway. If this gives us long-term stability in the net, I'm all for giving players fair salaries without trying to save every penny you can. But, as I said, this warrants high expectations, since you wouldn't expect, say, Ovechkin to be anything less than the leader of the Caps, either.

Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
So, because Bobrovsky's bonuses will count against the cap no matter what this season, you're expecting more from Bryzgalov? Sounds reasonable.
Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I expect more from both of them, knowing their total cap hit. I expect the whole goaltending department not to function great, but to function superbly, so that people are going to be cursing our goalies the way they do Thomas or Lundquist when they steal games.

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