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10-24-2003, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Physical HABuse
Speaking of the ice.....I noticed how bad it really was yesterday. As I was watching the game, I wondered if it's been kept lousy like this on purpose. I mean it was good ice last year, what could have changed? The crappier the ice is....the harder it is to beat the trap. I wonder if it's something that's been discussed with the icemaker, to keep it in this state on purpose. I'm just asking and wondering if stuff like that goes on.

The crappier the ice is... The crappier the show is. So from a marketing point of view, it would be an error and the two teams are playing on the same ice so I dont see how it could be an advantage, even if your playing the trap.

I also think the nhl would not approuve that kind of behaviour, there trying to make the players score more goals not the contrary (I'm talking about the NHL not Claude Julien)