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09-13-2011, 10:09 PM
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One other thing about Ellis, if his size were an issue, how has he dominated in every league he's ever played in? Guys like Rafalski, St. Louis and Sullivan were or are able to play in the NHL. I think Ellis will be just fine. He's figured out how to compensate for his size with what others have said, great hockey IQ, which is something Franson never had but Ellis and Blum have. IQ and instincts make up for a lot of things. Guys can have physical tools, like Franson, but if you can't read the game, you're a pylon out on the ice.

And SLake, I'll take that trade with Ottawa any day of the week. Pickard and Beck instead of Karlsson or as others have mentioned Eberle. Yeah, I think we did ok at the end of the day. That draft year is pretty solid.

Looking at the drafts. We got Wilson, Pickard and this guy Josi in 2008. 2009 was Ellis, Budish, COR, then get this, Beck, Latta, Smith, Ekholm, Oliver, Bourque and Reid. That 2009 draft could turn out to be one of the best if not the best we've ever had. Even if half of them pan out, that's 5 possible NHL players and I'm thinking we've got 6 NHL players out of that lot. I didn't include Budish or COR in that 6 either. Pretty impressive. If you take the 3 from the year before, that's a possible 9 players in two drafts that could have an impact for us. Yeah, Poile's an idiot.

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