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09-14-2011, 03:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
it bugs me because microsoft are the only ones doing it right now, yet so many people are willing to accept it.

so when other companies see the money that microsoft have been making from Live, i don't doubt that they'll do the same one day.

it starts a trend that shouldn't be happening. you shouldn't have to pay extra to play multiplayer for a game you just dropped $60 on. you never had to in the past, and you shouldn't have to now.

its ridiculous that people allow it to keep happening ...and you let it happen so much, it'll become the norm.

microsoft actually tried to pull that BS on the pc with Live as well when it first launched. they tried to charge a pay to play fee but pc users wouldn't have it, because there's just too many other options out there on the pc to play your multiplayer games. they didn't have to rely on microsoft, and when MS saw that no one would pay, they let it be free as it should have been the whole time.

it was either let it be free or let the whole Games for Windows Live idea sink ...which most people probably wish it did anyway.
One has to take into account that the 30-40 euros a year (regular price here is 60 euros) that I pay for Live, goes into the infrastructure that takes away the pressure/resources from game developers/companies to make their own online system and servers (in addition to profit ). Live gives them a "ready" online service, where they just have to make sure their code works fluently.

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