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09-14-2011, 06:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Bilbo Baggins View Post
Interesting. If my poor memory is correct, just before draft day, Sens management were saying that they ran through all the likely draft scenarios, and there was only one that they didn't like. I figure this must have been their worst case scenario, with RHN, Larsson, Huberdeau, Landeskog and Strome all taken, they weren't thrilled with having to pick either Couturier or Zibanejad. Does anyone else remember it this way, or am I delusional?

I expect that the Senators management must be a lot happier now. Time will tell, of course, but this guy does seem to be a top flight prospect. He seems to be solid in most aspects of the game, and has his head screwed on right as well.
Dorion also said there was a 90% chance their worst-case scenario would not happen. I don't think that those 5 are so unlikely to be chosen. Maybe you could argue they didn't think Strome would go top 5, but I doubt it.

I wonder if that "bad" scenario would have been Larsson, b/c they needed a forward prospect now for the rebuild. You can believe in BPA all you want, but if you don't think you need yet another top flight d-man, you can't count on trading for a forward prospect.

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