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10-24-2003, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by kutdacheez
Colorado could have picked up Webb as a FA but didn't. Holzinger is one step away from where he played last year and where meloche plays now. The AHL. You give these three players way too much credit IMHO.

As to the Washington $parc, apparently Konowalchuk was told that he wouldn't be resigned next season, so this can't be a big surprise to him. Especially since the famed checking line hasn't played that well since Dalhen left the team two seasons ago. Konowalchuk was dropped to the fourth line right before the trade. So, IMHO all-in-all, McPhee made an okay trade. Batts Battaglia is not more nor that much less than Konowalchuk and basically what Washington got was an unsigned (pretty good prospect) in Jonas Johansson (who, BTW plays at Kamloops with Erik Christensen) and if they don't sign him get a second round choice from Colorado. The $parc also gave up a third round pick.
I see the deal as almost even . . . with the $parc holding a good edge if they sign Johansson.

I don't see anything that the Penguins could do to be in that deal for a win-win for both teams. And why would you want Bates Battaglia, anyway?
I was not getting excited about Battaglia...was more intrigued that a team was willing to ship out a recent 1st round player so early in his development.

And I know Colorado could have taken Webb, Meloche etc..I was just using their names as examples of grinding type players we had. Personally, I didnt consider Konowalchuk that big of a steal. But perhaps I am doing him a dis-service. He might be one of those unnoticed, unsung hero guys

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