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10-24-2003, 02:22 PM
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We need patience- there are going to be 'exhilerating' wins and 'downer' defeats like we saw in last two games. Its a long season- remember, the Florida Marlins back in late May were 10 games under 500- not back under.

I'll use another baseball reference- Billy Beane says you take the first third of the season seeing what you have. Screw Damphousse, Bondra and the rest- sure they're sexy but lets see what Bergeron and Zinovjev have. Its, a long, long season. If the Broons in February or even January want to go out and pick up one of these player sure- but right now I'm paying $73 dollars a game and I'm all for the kids. If you have to struggle here and there, lose some games you might've won but long term your teams is much better off- I say play the kids. Heck, even Orr only had 41 points as a rookie. These guys are going to struggle at times but this team has enough veterans to allow them wade into the league.

I think we need to be patient- every win shouldn't be met with dreams of Stanley Cups or losses with 'lets shake it all up'. If the Hawks had been more patient with Hasek or the Nucks with Neely they would have been a bit better off wouldn't you say?

Zinovjev, Hilbert, Samuelsson, Bergeron, Jillson, Raycroft vs the Damphousses, Bondras, Amontes and Potvins of the world? Give me the yutes.

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