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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
is Stubbsy pining for the "captain obvious" award?

talk is cheap, let's see what happens on the ice.

Gomez's play since coming to Montreal can only be described as an unmitigated failure... I don't think anyone can be a Habs fan and not be rooting for him to "bounce back" and give the team at least somewhat the level of play that Gainey envisioned when trading for him.

but no more talking about it. I know reporters have to go with the easy and obvious stories, but I'd actually rather hear Gomez say nothing, or simply say "watch me", and let his play speak for itself.

Last year he talked about turning things around and picking up his play several times... never happened.

Talk is cheap. Just DO! and everyone will be happy.
I don't know why anyone even listens/reads these interviews any more. The players are trained seals who are programmed to give responses that the infotainment industry can consume without blowback to the player. Stubbs is a great feature writer but he almost always angles for a fuzzy pro player feeling in his features. With all this in mind it is what it is.

Gomez is not performing - check
Gomez acknowledges he's not performing - check
Gomez improves? - we will see

As far as the apologists go, how Gomez 7 goals became the fault of low shooting percentages by his linemates is beyond reason. Gomez himself knows this, he's acknowledged it, we await a correction.

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