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10-24-2003, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by bb74
Thats not really an "underdog" roster and would cost upwards of $60M+

Lets give Zino / Hilbert a chance on the 2nd line - see if they can cut it and if not then start looking - but not before at least 35-40 games to see how the team gels - maybe we could trade Zams to free up money for Berard as there just doesn't seem to be a slot for him in the roster these days.
I wasn't really sure what you meant about the underdog, but against the Sens, I think most East teams will be underdogs. Even the B's with these added changes.

Regarding salary, if some of these players are acquired later in the season, how do you come to your $60M+ figure? Don't forget, these guys would come with pro-rated salaries. Moreover, there wouldn't be long term implications. The fact is, 12 or more of the Bruins (including any acquired pending UFAs) would be unrestricted next summer, so the B's would not "carry over" any upper echelon payroll into the new CBA. More specifically, by July 2004, the B's will some $25M or so committed to the following players:

Martin Lapointe (under contract $5,250,000)
PJ Stock (under contract $550,000)
PJ Axelsson (under contract $1,300,000)
Nick Boynton (under contract $1,500,000)
Shaone Morrisonn (under contract, no terms avail)
Milan Jurcina (under contract, no terms avail)
Martin Samuelsson (under contract, no terms avail)
Patrice Bergeron (under contract, no terms avail)
Sergei Zinovjev (under contract, no terms avail)
Andrew Raycroft (?, no terms avail)
Ivan Huml (?, no terms avail)
Joe Thornton (Group II RFA, $5,500,000)
Sergei Samsonov (Group II RFA, $3,650,000+ incentives)
Hal Gill (Group II RFA, $2,000,000)
Jonathan Girard (Group II RFA)
Andy Hilbert (Group II RFA)
Jeff Jillson (Group II RFA)

If the Bruins acquired any pending UFAs, there really wouldn't much financial implications, short or long term.

As far as giving Zino and Hilbert a chance, I'm all for it. If they could get 40-50 games of quality time in, the B's would have a serious idea of what they can do come the playoffs. Still, I think these guys may not solve the "too many parts not enough pieces" syndrome. It will still come down to how well the players fit together and, ultimately, how effective they are as a result.

If the B's want to improve their chances for the playoffs, they will have to be looking at their team with this in mind. Otherwise, they will head into the postseason with similar issues we've seen in the past few seasons -- such as having too many defensive defensemen and not enough offensive ones, or an underperforming second line/forward attack, etc etc.


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