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09-14-2011, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
This fanbase has an excuse for becomes nauseating after a while...Good coaches don't neccessarily need great players to show they are good coaches. Good coaches much like good managers tend to get the most out of what is presented to them. Nobody expected Wilson to have Championship rings with the personnel he has been given but seriously can we see some progress on this damn team and stop with the excuses? Can we see some marginal improvements? I guess last year's 10th place finish was some improvement, so this is clearly the direction we want to be going in.

Whats Ronnie's excuse this year if he fails?

Someone along the line has to bear responsibility. If you believe the personnel sucks and the coach has nothing to work with...blame the GM. If you love the GM and his work, shouldn't we expect to see it on the ice at some point? If the players don't like the coach because of his style and therefore don't perform to the best of their abilities, its still the coaches' fault.

Classic example are last years Devils...horrible under MacLean and heading for the 1st overall pick, same personnel under Lemaire, best record in hockey. How does that work?

I love this season because somebody on the management team will have to face the freaking music. Gone are days of entitlement and laize-fair play due to the "blue and white disease" Gone are all the horrible don't care players like Stajan, Blake and Ponikorovsky..Gone are the horrible goaltenders like Toskala and Giguere...The team is clearly that of the GM and the coach can't cry about the poor personnel.

Either Burke or Wilson will have to answer to the masses if the Leafs regress this season. Maybe both.
Is the negative tanker attitude any less nauseating?

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