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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
The reason Burke claims, there is only 1 roster spot available for youth to fight over, with all vets hands on deck, clearly demonstrating that team results are of the most importance presently on their agenda as the pressure is mounting from Ownership and fans alike to produce better (playoff) results.

JM Liles ($4.2 mil), Connolly ($4.75 mil), Lombardi ($3.5 mil), Franson ($800k), Dupius ($650k) = ~ $14 mil in experienced NHL reinforcements brought in over the off-season to improve on last years team results. Or as Burke stated last week "he’s optimistic that the team can make up eight points in the standings." ,“We think there’s a couple of catchable teams,” he said. “.

Play the kids" is only a pipe dream of mine of how I would like to see the team built, believing its in the best interest of the teams ** FUTURE **. However, with three consecutive bottom 10 league finishes already permanently engraved in stone on the GM and Coach's resumes as undesirables, as per their track record, there is little wiggle room now to allow for on the job training of unproven youth.

If and when we see (this season) as you suggest "Kadri, Colborne, Gardiner or Frattin earn full time NHL jobs", then one of two things has occurred;

1) The season is a write off again in the standings and Wilson has already been fired.
2) The Leafs have been ravished by injuries and Marlie reinforcements have been summoned to fill in.

You seemed to keep getting confused & hung up on with what Burke is going in real life, verses my HF posted wishes/opinions as per the teams direction and course going forward. Separating fact from fiction, and reality from fantasy is an important point to recognize that only what Burke actually does is what ultimately matters, and the results of the team his accountability to answer to.
PENTICTON, B.C. — As the new sheriff in town for the Calgary Flames, Jay Feaster wants everyone to know the new rules of engagement.

From here on in, Scotiabank Saddledome is officially a meritocracy — a place of employment where jobs and promotions are awarded based on performance.

Forget contract status. Forget reputation. Forget pre-ordained privilege.

“I don’t know how to do it any other way than based on merit,” Feaster, the Flames’ GM, said Tuesday in between meetings at the Young Stars Tournament. “I’ve never believed in doing it by the draft pick you were selected with or how much money they pay you or how pretty you are or handsome you are.

“I don’t know any other way.”
Read more:

Makes you wonder if some Europeans stayed in Russia because of ...

In the biggest disappointment of this summer for the Flames, former first-rounder Tim Erixon refused to sign in Calgary. Via his agent, Erixon told the Flames he doubted he would actually get the chance to play in the NHL if he stuck around.

As a result, the Flames reluctantly dealt the promising Swedish rearguard to the New York Rangers.

“We’re not going to erect barriers for guys who deserve to make this hockey club,” Feaster pledged. “This is the way we’re going to do things. We’re going to earn our way.
Would Vorobiev have shown more interest when he was tearing up the RSL?

Who knows, but Flames got burned because of the entitlement in Calgary.


Desjardins estimates that about 40% of the game is captured by Corsi analysis.
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