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Originally Posted by mooseOAK View Post
Uber-talented, huh? This lineup:

ended up with 104 points.

I have seen Ron Wilson develop many players for the Sharks because of living in that area plus the Leafs and many players have their best seasons ever with him as the coach. Burke knows that he hasn't given his coach a stable lineup since he got to Toronto and that is why he is still around.
Well, that Sharks team looked pretty good on paper compared to the Leaf team. Not sure what your point is...On one hand you are telling me Wilson can work magic with a less than talented roster but he hasn't been able to work any magic with the Leafs because of the less than talented roster.

You like Wilson, that is your perogative. I don't and I am not alone in Leafland with this sentiment. I guess this is the year eh? Simply put the title of the thread from a guy I really don't care for (Damien Cox) "No More Excuses For Ron Wilson".....I don't like him but I agree with what he is saying.

Originally Posted by dynrehab View Post
It's these type of sentences that get under my skin, and make me want to call you out.

It's fine if you wish to hate what Burke and RW that is fine. But generalized bashing of fans is nauseating in itself.
Well the "generalized bashing of the fans" shouldn't bother you if you are not implicated by what I am referring to. It only gets under your skin because it rings true to you. That is the honest truth. I can't very well list the names of all the posters who constantly make excuses for poor teams, poor acquistions, poor coaches, lousy special teams, bottom 10 finishes etc....After all I too am part of the fanbase..part of Leafs Nation.

Simply put if you are not always excusing the franchise for anything perceived as a negative critique then I'm obviously not talking about you. For a guy whose universe is black and white, this should come

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