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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
Well, that Sharks team looked pretty good on paper compared to the Leaf team. Not sure what your point is...On one hand you are telling me Wilson can work magic with a less than talented roster but he hasn't been able to work any magic with the Leafs because of the less than talented roster.

You like Wilson, that is your perogative. I don't and I am not alone in Leafland with this sentiment. I guess this is the year eh? Simply put the title of the thread from a guy I really don't care for (Damien Cox) "No More Excuses For Ron Wilson".....I don't like him but I agree with what he is saying.
All I was doing was disproving your assertion that the only way that Ron Wilson could accomplish anything was with a supremely talented roster.

I agree with Cox' premise, it is obvious and isn't anything that Burke didn't tell us a long time ago. The unfortunate thing is that it motivated you to make a string of personal attacks against anyone who likes Wilson which is bizarre because you know absolutely nothing about what happens at camp, at practices, and in the dressing room.

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