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09-14-2011, 02:09 PM
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Ok thinking about this and I've decided I want to re-word on why I prefer Gomez over Koivu at this point. Everyone keeps mentioning how hard Koivu works and how much better Koivu is, I have never denied that, I always agreed that Koivu was better in that regard. Koivu also made the players on his line better.

But what I like in a leader is someone who does more than Koivu. I want a teacher and that is what Gomez has done. He's been pivotal in teaching our young kids to be professionals. While Koivu made the players better when they played with him, Koivu didn't give them the tools to succeed without him. He didn't instill in them that they need to work hard to succeed in the NHL.

We were lacking that the entire time Koivu was here. It simply wasn't in his personality, its not who he was. The same thing with Gionta, he would really suck as a captain if he didn't have Gill and Gomez supporting him.

I think the C should be more than just skill or working hard. I think you need leadership to push the entire team and make them work harder. Its why I respect Chris Pronger, every year he seems to make his team better come playoff time. Look what happened last year when he was injured, they flopped. But he's had a tonne of success in the playoffs and it isn't luck.

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