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09-14-2011, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by leesmith View Post
If you think police, fire, school funding and the state budget aren't part of this discussion, you haven't been paying attention. Just watch what the naysayers use as their ammunition.
The only really discussion is franklin county for those items. There is a loan from the state that shouldn't impact any of those items.

The reality is the city of Columbus just hiked my taxes to play for those items above. To try and say the only way we can continue to pay for those is through the casino tax revenue, that will be a flat out lie. That money will end up in the general budget paying for whatever pet project comes along that day, until they run out of revenue again in which case they will put those necessary services on the block again to scare us into allowing another tax increase.

At least I know what this scam is. I can sleep easier when I know what the scam is that I helped pay for. Finally I might get a scam payed for that I can get some enjoyment out of... :p

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