Thread: News Article: Bortuzzo close to NHL level
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09-14-2011, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by ChiChi Vitale View Post
For my part, I don't think that at all (that a rookie will replace Martin after he leaves). I guess what I'm saying is, we may be forced into a situation where we have to trade him (maybe because the cap won't go up much in the years we have to re-sign the big names), in which case it's likely that:

a) we'll get a D back who can either fill in for him adequately (without being as good generally); or
b) we'll move someone like Lovejoy into the #4 slot and everyone else will move up accordingly.

A is more likely. I doubt we would trade Martin without getting a reasonably experienced, less expensive D in return. Maybe someone on the order of Eaton.

I don't think Despres will make the team until next year, and when he does I don't think he'll be paired in the top 4 for a couple years at least. So basically he would bump a more experienced player up the depth chart, maybe playing with guys like Letang when we have a big lead or situations like that.
I would start looking at guys like Dupuis and Cooke before I would consider trading Paul Martin if you're trying to clear up a little cap space.

I think what Martin brings is something no one else behind him can.

The Pens top 4 shouldn't even be a talking point in terms of any of them being moved, IMO. We FINALLY have something that works back there. I'd rather not tinker.

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