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10-24-2003, 02:57 PM
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Last years start vs this years

First off, I'd be beyond shocked if the Broons come even within a game or two of last years start but not because they are not better- which I think they are. They lost two key players early- Samsonov and Lapointe- but kept winning. They always appeared somewhat paper tigers and just when I started to think- geez, they are pretty good, they transformed into the Seinfeldian World of Bizarro Bruins.

Truth be told they were never that good- they ended about where they should have been. Its just the way they got there that was so maddening. This team is significantly better in 4 areas imo.

Goaltending- the team was not 'completely' confident with the two we had last year; but moreso, I think they were aware of the battle the two were having to establish number one goalie. They are athletes and have egos and the money can be pretty big for number one goalies in the NHL. Potvin has a track record and isn't yet ancient- and has already shown the last 3 weeks he can play with the best of them on any night. Raycroft is an upgrade and maybe a major upgrade- on and off the ice.

DEFENSE- Berard started off great, and Girard brought exciting offense but Jillson's arrival and Boynton's expected development make this a fun area to watch. There will be mistakes by Jillson but anyone who has watched hockey can identify his talent. McGillis wasn't here for the start and he's a good tough, experienced player.

OFFENSE- just adding Samsonov is enough; but you add back Lapointe, bring aboard Green and Bergeron. Knuble and Axelsson are more confident and seasoned. McCarthy adds what we read great leadership and has played very well. Ditto for Donato. They add another top prospect this weekend in Zinovjev and overall its signifcantly better.

COACHING- its obvious some of the players weren't on the same side as Ftorek. He lost many players which is to bad. I liked Robbie but there was no question he didn't have this team. His signing really suprised me- and hey, the guy was probably the best HS player ever and I have never met anyone (other than Broons players ) that didn't think the world of him. That said, Sullivan's the right guy imo for this team; he's just old enough or just young enough....he knows the organization, the town, and the players; he's respected by the old gaurd like Pat Burns and Mike Keenan, and the Wayne Gretzky's of the world. And my friends all like him

Dupes wrote about this today and I agree (nice way Dupes worked HUB OF HOCKEY into the last paragraph ) the goaltending ultimately will be the key- stealing a game like Dallas you need to do every know and then especially after we saw the Broons are capable of turning in a Pepe LePew like last night from time to time.

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