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Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
I'd like to see the team add two things:

1. A legitimate, experienced, top-4 defender. McDonagh, Sauer, Girardi, and Staal is a fine top-4 -- however, none of these players have ever been past the 2nd round of the playoffs. That group needs a mentor and a winner to help guide them through the postseason.

Also, it'd be even better if that defenseman were in the mold of a primary puck mover. Looking around the league, nearly every championship caliber team has/had two legitimate puck moving defenseman. Anaheim had Pronger/Niedermayer in 2007. Detroit had Lidstrom/Rafalski in 2008. Pittsburgh had Letang/Gonchar in 2009. Chicago had Campbell/Keith in 2010. Boston had Kaberle and Chara (to an extent) in 2011. Who do the Rangers have? They haven't had a defenseman score 40 points since before the lockout, and before this team goes anywhere beyond a medicore regular season finish, this needs to change.

2. A legitimate 3rd line RW -- in the mold of a Fedotenko or a Recchi (09 on). An experienced, winning, all-effort two-way forward with a touch of skill.

Right now, in my opinion, the team is far too inexperienced to win a Cup. Of course, that isn't the end all be all of deciding how good this team is. Hopefully the team can go relatively deep on somewhat of a "high", akin to the '09 Blackhawks squad that made it to the Conference Finals. Even if the team does get humbled by a more experienced team as the 'Hawks did, it'll give the young leaders of this team experience, and give them a challenge -- fix the mistakes you made in this series to get farther into the next.

Lastly, before we start determining whether or not this is a cup caliber roster or not, we have to see how Richards fits in with the team on the ice, if Gaborik can shed his "regular season star, postseason dud" title, and if either one of Anisimov/Stepan can take the next step and become a dependable 2nd line center. The pieces are there, so to speak, we just need to see whether or not the players can put them into place.

Can't agree with most of this. First off, Staal is one of the best defenseman in the league. Why do we need a "legitimate" top 4 defenseman? We have one of the best in the league. If you're talking about acquiring a puck mover, there are ZERO on the level which you're speaking. Those players are Hall of Famers. You don't just acquire them. They're like franchise quarterbacks. I guess I don't understand the thought process. I mean I do, but I don't see how it's feasible at all and I don't see why we need a "legitimate" top 4 defenseman when we have Staal. Unless Sauer, McDonagh, and Girardi all implode.

Second, a legitimate third line winger? Really? How can you say "in the mold of Fedotenko" and then go on to describe Fedotenko? We have plenty of these types of players. We don't need any more, and on top of that you already answered your own issue by describing Feds. If you're looking for a Recchi type then what you're saying is you want a guy who is going to provide decent offense at the expense of other things.

"If Gaborik can shed his regular season star, post season dud title" ??? To who? People who make things up and don't pay attention to facts? Or people with a skewed perspective on things? I'm not sure who is saying that or where that's coming from.

Gabby scored 17 points in 18 playoff games his first year in the post season. 4 in 5 games. 1 in 6. 2 in 5. So because he has 3 points in his last 11 playoff games he's a playoff dud? But we don't pay any attention to the 21 points in 23 playoff games before that?

If we need anything it'll reveal itself during the course of the year. As of now the only thing that might be glaring is a second line winger. The price may or may not be worth it. Time will tell.

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