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Originally Posted by usual suspects View Post
Hey Whitesnake,

Bruins fan here. I could not agree more with the bolded comment of yours. Both sides have their oddballs to put it kindly and both teams over the years have had different style/mentally for one reason or another.
The only comment I disagree with at least from my pov ,and I am sure you are not intending to paint all Boston fans the same but it is in regards to the inferiority complex. I'm 37 years old and became a Bruins fan when I was around 6 when I first saw Ray Bourque play. Became a fan ever since.

Since that time, I don't see the 24-9 record that the Habs have over Boston when it comes to playoff success against each other, I see a 8-7 record (Habs leading) since I became a fan. Maybe its a glass is half full mentality and somewhat selective I admit.
Is the lopsided result of the past a bit well embarrassing or discouraging, yeah maybe but what is done is done and I and many fans of Boston that I know look at it the same way...heck if we didn't it would be depressing wouldn't it ha ha. But seriously, history is history and like it or not these teams have been pretty even over the past 30 years, so for me there is no inferiority complex. (8-7 Habs in playoff series wins, and 2 cups to 1 since I became a fan some 30 years ago) Do I respect the Habs success against my team and the league for that matter (24 cups), no doubt. Very impressive and the envy of all teams in the league to have that history.
My many Habs friends love nothing better than beating the Bruins whether its regular season or playoffs and I feel the same right back at them. They don't feel inferior, why should I?

Take care,

Usual Suspects
The "complex" is there because of the past. It's probably changing now with the cup and how the team looks to be competitive for many seasons.

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