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09-14-2011, 11:51 PM
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Girdles, pads, and certainly cups aren't "for players that don't know how to take a fall."

I've been playing inline for about 15 years now and have almost always worn an inline girdle. I'm not sure about the leagues you guys play in, but when I played in college with/against teams like Lindenwood University, contact was allowed. Granted, it isn't (for the most part) in the rec leagues I play in now, but we still take some pretty good runs into the boards together, have plenty of stick work, and block shots. Taking a stick/puck to the thigh, groin, or hip hurts like a MFer.

Call me a wuss if you'd like, but I'd rather be able to keep skating, playing, and walking normally the next day because a thin piece of foam and plastic insert saved my tailbone.

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