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09-15-2011, 02:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Is he NHL ready tough?

Looks like another guy that gets injured too much.

Kind of fitting I guess that he missed almost all of the tournament and gets injured so far any time he plays anywhere for the Oiler org. 2 AHL Playoff games last year then promptly injured. 2 periods so far this year then promptly injured.

Yeah, you know I'm not impressed.

Because frankly, What Teubert did in the first game of the prospects tourney was monumentally stupid.
Up 7-1 in a meaningless game, in the 3rd period, and he STARTS a fight that quickly goes horribly wrong and ends up with him having a broken nose/face/concussion or possible all of the above. Kind of weird that a guy that shouldn't even be in this game(he should be exempt from a prospects game by now)ends up looking green.

Not only did he get a Class A bell ringing and look like a complete amateur in the fight he outweighs, outreaches, and had a height advantage over his opponent, Polasek. Plus he's a year and a half older and one would like to think brighter.

Except I doubt thats the case.

This is Sheldon Souray stupid. Without the skill.

Not writing him off but sure doesn't look good at this point.
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Seriously losing faith/respect in a hury.

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