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09-15-2011, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Fred89 View Post
@goonx: i've seen them on HM while looking for new skates but as far as i live in Italy and skates in EU are a lot more expensive (and i've to buy also the whole equipment so i need to save money if possible while using dollars/euro ratio ), i need a skates that comes with Free shipping to and then let them forward me the skate..

I've only had Supremes that fitted my feet really nice, especially in the heel!

I've a quite normal foot except for a little "narrower" heel, but i've found Vapor to be a little bit too narrow in the forefoot..

Anyway, thank you for the hint, much appreciated
The shipping isn't too bad, it's $15.00 for it to get shipped to Consegnato. It's around the same price as the One70s if you get free shipping elsewhere

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