Thread: Confirmed with Link: Blake Kessel signs ELC; Adam Mair has a tryout
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09-15-2011, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by hoopla View Post
Politics politics politics.
I see more and more relatives of current NHL players, ex-players and coaches getting questionable NHL deals. A 6-th rounder who hasnt played a pro game in his career will get between $20k-50k as a signing bonus and then another $65k-100k playing in the A's. WOW!
I think you're vastly overrating the role of politics. Much more relevant in this situation, is that Flyer scouts would have seen Kessel play a lot at UNH while they were watching JVR (which means, probably almost every game), so he would have been on their radar. He also skated at the rookie camp in July, so they saw enough of him there to warrant an AHL contract before camp. The scouts are pretty good at finding guys off the radar, I don't see why this doesn't apply. He clearly didn't see a future on the Island so he looked around.

The reason so many relatives are in the league isn't just politics. It has to do with their acclimation to the culture and understanding of the hard work it takes. Sons of players also have advantages other kids don't have (best camps, private instruction, access to ice time), but in this case, without knowing the history of their parents, it could just be that the Kessel boys are good athletes who chose hockey and excelled. Like the Schenns, Couturier and his father, etc. There is a combination of nature and nurture at play here. Bloodlines matter and so does environment.

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