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09-15-2011, 10:40 AM
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Need Help Quickly

Hey guys... i'm starting evaluations for house league hockey today and i really want to get a stick before then. a few questions tho, they dont have many sticks on sale at sportchek right now and these are just basic evaluations before the actual season starts. i have one this week and next week, do you think a sale will start up within in the next two weeks with hockey just around the corner? Also i need help deciding which stick to get.

I had a koho revolution i got for $60 five years ago and it was fine but the blade chipped REALLY quickly and i still have it and i'm currently using it. I had a CCM Vector Ovi stick from 5 years ago that was $100 and it lasted me 5 years until earlier this summer where it finally snapped. I'm really struggling with which stick to buy. My main concern is durability because i simply cant afford to have a stick breaking. I'm hoping to spend $100. The main stick i've been looking at is the bauer x-40 and i heard its great for $100 price point but i heard a few times that it breaks easily, but i guess everyone is different with sticks. tahts really the only stick i've been looking at. Right now pro hockey life has the easton synergy eq40 on sale for $90 from 189.99. THey also have the BAUER SUPREME ONE75 SE GRIP on sale $100 from 150. They have the bauer x40 for $100 which is its normal price. But i really wanna get a stick from sportchek for SPC and i just like them better unelss these two deals are really good. Sportchek has the Easton Stealth S17 Grip Composite Hockey Stick Sakic 85 Flex Senior on sale for $130 from $190.

I just really need help picking a stick. i'm confident in bauer and the x40. I'm a senior stick user by the way. I just want to make sure the stick will last me the full season and more, and i guess i want it to last long based on how long my previous 2 sticks lasted. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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