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09-15-2011, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
I understand results are everything to some people, but the same arguments can be made for stats mean everything. We all watch the games. Is everyone telling me that they don't feel this team has improved every year the past 3 years?

I can honestly say that this team is trending upwards and I feel that if the Rangers had had the significant injuries they had last season that they would have been able to finish much higher than they actually did.

Looking at the stats does it look like they got better? No. But watching the team develop and play I can tell you they did.
Nobody should give a damn about getting better year after year. The bottom line is what ultimately matters. Until Sathers creation comes to frution and this team accomplishes its goal, it's nothing but failure. Different levels of failures. To appease the crowd that has second-rate expectations, I guess.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Neil Smith also made some of the worst managerial moves post-championship. He depleted the system severely and dealt away players that should have never been moved while also adding free agents we did not need.

Sather has made bad moves as well. We all know it. But he hired the right scouts and others along the way and has righted the ship. Am I going to fully credit him when he hasnt won anything yet? No. But c'mon the guy has done a much better job. To me it just sounds like a bunch of people who like to complain and are pessimistic.
He has done a much better job. He does have this team on the right track. But, there's no guarantee in that alone. The team must still flourish if we're going to give him the Credit that some people think he's due.

He's been in this business his entire life. 11 years, and his team has still yet to scratch the surface of anything worthy.

Regarding Smith: Victory is what overlooks the mistakes he made throughout his tenure here. It was all worth it, 100X.

Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
But the argument was not about Sather's entire tenure. It was for this off-season and constructing THIS team.

It's like no one can give any credit to the guy because all they do is bring up 5-10 years ago.
I'm not giving him credit, because he hasn't earned it. Building a team from within has won us what, exactly? What has it resulted in?

Who cares if you made 67 outgoing cold-calls today if all you did was close 3 accounts. Really? When you get your pay-check, your prize for your efforts, does it matter?

Results is what matters. Not potential.

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