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Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
No, in fact that's even more reason why Markov and Subban's situations are not even close!
Exactly. Here is an experienced, loyal, dominant two way defensemen, that put up massive points on the club. He makes $5-5.5 million dollars.

What justification does Subban have to be making more than him?

What has he proven, and earned, to be paid more than the best defenseman on the team?

Using players who achieve similar results, in similar roles, in similar stages of their careers, around the league makes sense for establishing value.
Who in the league has a similar role to Subban, who has achieved similar results?

You are also comparing players accomplishments, in completely different contexts and environments. What one player did on one team, has little relevance to what another did on his.

Using completely different players on the same team doesn't. It seems obvious.
It works within the team's structure. IE you have to surpass someone on the team, to earn a contract greater than his. It creates a real context in what their salary should be.

As in the words of Holland(paraphrasing): "We have no basis to pay Rafalski more than Lidstrom."

If you want to use other players contracts as a small basis, fine, but to say something along the lines of "well this person got this much, so that is what he will get" is fallacious. There is a market set in UFA, because players are free agents, but for RFAs, they are restricted to the team and their team's internal salary structures.

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