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Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e) View Post
The point is there are signature moves certain players practice, that after being perfected, make the particular move and player, look like the guy has all world skills. Foligno specifically, has several of them he uses at high speed. He scored three highlight reel goals last preseason, as you might recall. They make you think the guy should be a 30 goal guy, even though he never will. And btw, Zbad might not be capable of any of those particular moves, but that doesn't really measure his pure skill level. But in the end, I wouldn't say Foligno is really an elite level skill guy.

The main point is that elite offensive skill comes from adapting to the moment, not from a small portfolio of particular moves. Daigle had several 'signature' moves, as did Spezza when he first arrived. But guys like Forsberg, Jagr and Malkin have no real limit to their bag of tricks. They take what the defender gives them, rather than making a particular move hoping the guy bites this particular time.

Hopefully that makes more sense.
It makes sense for sure. But at the end of the day I thought for a guy that could be around 6'2 215-220, as great feet, his hands were a plus.

Scouts look for head, feet, hands, heart....this guy has that package in spades. And to be clear, I'm not the one tossing around hossa, jagr, forsberg comparisons. I do think he could be a #1c eventually, based on my limited viewings, before this, I wasn't so sure at all. Before, I just expected a guy that would play 2nd line center and fill that role adequately on a contender. I think he may be more than that

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