Thread: Confirmed with Link: Blake Kessel signs ELC; Adam Mair has a tryout
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09-15-2011, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
yes, Blake Kessel is the next Mark Howe.
I have seen him play. He has got things he needs to work on. i think they signed him because we are thin at defensive prospects. Hes going to be in Adirondack this year anyway and probably next season.
and I have seen this guy play more then you have.
Question, using simple common sense, wouldn't you have to know how much I have seen him play, in order for you to know that you've seen him play more than I have?

Of course he has things to work on. What 22 year old defenseman coming out of College Hockey doesn't?

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post

And why do you need to put the "in person" thing in there anyway? Did Holmgren ever see half of the players he's drafted and then signed in person?

I swear to god Holmgren must be ignorant.
I'm quite sure he's seen a lot of players the Flyers have drafted under his watch in person. And he also has a full stable of professional scouts and talent evaluators at his disposal.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Potential and ability are two different things.

The gave Klotz a contract. If I sat here and told you that giving contract to Klotz was a waste of our time, would you get pissed at me?

Either way, I'm not saying that giving a contract to Kessel is a waste. Right now though, he's a pretty "meh" player. He was a sixth rounder who had one outstanding year in college and wasn't even wanted by the Islanders (granted their defensive prospect pool is pretty clutch).
Much here that doesn't make much sense. Potential a lot of times is based on raw ability. So that is obviously incorrect. Give me something that backs up that he's a "meh" player. How many times have you personally seen him play? He was drafted by the Islanders, so they obviously wanted him at some point. So that is incorrect. Do you have the particulars as to why he didn't sign with the Islanders? Is a player not signing with a Club always the result of the team not wanting the player?

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
And how many other forwards were converted to defense and were too flashy to play competitive defense at the NHL level?

Saying one name that works does not excuses thousands of misses.

And I was using that reference to a converted forward to explain his play-style, not his likelihood of NHL greatness.
You said that his being a converted defenseman from a forward tells a lot. It really doesn't. There are misses all over the place in talent evaluations. From 1st round picks on down. A players style of play can change. So your point that he's converted to a D man, really doesn't tell you anything. Why would the Flyers give a "meh" player the last contract spot they have currently? Obviously there's something there they like in his potential.

You still haven't given anything concrete to point out how he's a "meh" player.

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