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09-15-2011, 03:11 PM
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I don't see how Gauthier is an imbecile when we all know Calgary will be out of it by deadline and Iginla will finally want out if they are doing a rebuild. Given his age he isn't going to wait around. It's been the plan all along

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Nobody is worth 7 years. In today's nhl, every one is subject to big injuries. Not worth it, even 6 is a stretch.

I was sarcastic..
Not disagreeing if these team was say... the Florida Panthers. But being that we're Montreal we can put like 20 million on LTIR easily and not break a sweat. Obviously owners wouldn't be pleased but in terms of being a competitive team we'd be more competitive when the injuries aren't a problem and it wouldn't affect us nearly as badly if we did get those injuries you talk about. Say Subban even has a career ending injury, he's off the cap and we could easily sign a UFA. Not saying Subban's are a dime a dozen but we could replace him with a decent enough player to still remain competitive or if worst comes to worst a bubble team.

At that point though you could just rebuild to offset the money wasted on injured players and by the time you're back on track it isn't a worry.

For teams like Montreal imo signing a guy like Subban to an 7-10 year deal makes sense. He doesn't strike me as a Theodore or guy who would regress to the point of being a Redden. I'd say his value would always be at least close to worth it, like I said if he gets a career ending injury its off the cap, if he can still play... well then he can still contribute.

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