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Originally Posted by krax View Post
He hits the ice 6 times a week + 1-2 games already. Add 4 hours of off-ice training in the gym. I was worried that this could be too much.

So what you say is, 2 times a week on the ice + 3-4 times a week in the gym for players at elite level?
i didn't actually mean better for elite level hockey players, but general elite level athletes. let me elaborate a bit.

for general athletic ability, kids need to gain strength. period. don't worry about body fat or height or top skating speed or point scoring or whatever else. at 12-14, everyone is a beginner, even if they have already hit the gym for a couple of years. "beginner" does not mean how much weight they can move, but in terms of linear strength gains in the posterior chain lifts (squats/deadlifts/cleans). While on a basic beginner lifting program they should be adding weight every workout and almost never stall, provided their technique is ok, they are getting a decent caloric surplus, what's going on during their recovery periods, and some other factors (most injury).

if you have a typical middle school/junior high athlete, elite level doesn't really mean very much in terms of strength. they do not need to get fancy specialized programming, and it will only slow down their gains anyway. hockey players are not different.

finally, let's make this specifically for hockey players. say you have a kid who has 6 organized practices + 1-2 games, and 4 hours at the gym per week. if he is doing what i described above at the gym, and still has the will to go on the ice two additional times and train on his own (perhaps an individual coach, or stick-n-puck, or whatever), more power to him. if not, but he still puts in decent work at the gym and keeps making strength gains, he will be fine. maybe he'll get more (or less) serious about hockey in a couple of years. that's really not that important. it's plenty of workload, and he should focus on doing the best he can during practice and at the gym, rather than squeezing in another hour or two of ice time per week.

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