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09-15-2011, 07:27 PM
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I lost connection during the start of the 3rd period of the game but have since seen it and am very impressed with several of the players that we had on the ice.

Kozy this drum has been being beaten by me and several others here since before we drafted him so he is doing what everyone knows he is capable of doing and better.

Muzzin looked good but then you have to know Jake's game to know why some people think so when he had a few big mistakes. This to me should be a bright blue tag that goes on Muzz' shoulder that reads "I take a game or so to get used to my D partner and forward groups". Once he figures things out he becomes a very very good two way Dman and I think that by the time camp is over he will be a very difficult guy to send back to Manchester which, barring a trade we will be doing.

Nik Des. Excellent game. He is recovering from a few big injuries and coming from the ! which I can tell you from experience is just a different style of hockey from a Dman stand point and to me, Des looked like he is transitioning exceptionally well. Nice passes good skater likes to play physical. I season in the AHL will set him right on track for the big club, two at the outside.

Andy the friend of Bills Andreoff (AA) looks like a 20yo had nosed two way player who has little talent and as such has had to make his game on hard work and hard work alone (see Dave Taylor for an example of this) has come so far since his draft year (original draft year) that he is almost unrecognizable as a player. He was always an adequate skater who played a pretty solid two way game but what he has added is speed. Quickness is hard to teach, fast can come with skating lessons but that burst of speed and the ability to use it is a hard thing to just pick up but this is the first time I have seen him use such skills and he is really a different player as a result.

I liked the few games that I saw him play in this past season but I love what he has done since being drafted. He is a gym rat who has also spent a ton of time learning TM's system. He wanted to come to camp ready and so far so good.

I will write more when I have time.

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