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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
I actually under bought on some things. I play no check(there's plenty of contact) organized pickup and soon to be shinny.

I went lightweight/ non restrictive on everything and had to upgrade some things.

$25 Easton elbow pads= black and blue right elbow 2X. Upgraded to Bauer Vapor X40's and no issues since then.

Bauer One80 pants= severely bruised right hip bone. Jut healing up now after 2-3 months. Have since bought a padded jock and sewn in extra padding.

Graf 700 gloves= Love them, but took a 2 hander to the thumb first time out and black and blue thumb nail.

Sherwood 5030 shoulders= No issue, but didn't want to get hit in the sternum with a shot or a cross check to the spine with virtually no protection. Upgraded to Bauer One40's which are 3x the protection at virtually the same weight.

I think it depends on the mentality of your league/guys you play with. I'm in the Philly area, very blue collar, very Flyers of the 70's mentality on the ice. It's "no check", but so what. In only 5-6 games played I've gotten my skates kicked out from under me from behind, 2 handers to the hands/forearms constantly, tackled in front of the net, punched in the head, and even a stick to the head. The type of league I play in combined with me not having a ton of "natural" padding, I'm 6'2" ~175lbs, and I can't get away with the paper thin equipment/no shoulder pad thing.

Your saying shinny so I'm assuming alot of the BS I deal with doesn't go on so you might be ok. Still, you catch an edge and your hitting the ice/boards same as I am. I would skimp on shoulders perhaps, but that's about it.
Your pants probably don't fit you then; since there's a gap between your hip and the padding. It should be flush with no space. Consider moving to a smaller size.

The One40s are not much of an upgrade over the 5030s, be careful now, but are minimalistic which is what you seem to like.

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