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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Call me close-minded but I just don't see any point in praising a guy for assembling a team that hasn't even played a game yet.

Praising a GM for doing what any competent GM would do just seems kind of trivial. We're at the point where we give Sather a pat on the back for not ****ing things up. I think that in itself is telling of his success (or lack thereof) as a GM.
But clearly many others see the point in whining (Most much moreso than you personally) and complaining no matter what outcome if it doesn't result in a cup. In fact manys eem to be whining about this years I guess it makes sense to question people for being excited about a good team but what you fail to question are the people who whine that this team won't win anything. So their Nostradamus act makes more sense I guess for some arbitrary reason. And only the most irrational of fans would claim that success is tied solely to championship rings as many on here do. Think of all time greats like Bobby Mercer, the GAG guys, JD, Curtis Martin, Wayne Chrebet, Piazza, guys who are worthy of praise and fan affection. They earned our respect and admiration and so has this team of guys. It's sad to see how many fairweather bandwagoners seem to be on these boards although maybe I'm overgeneralizing everybody based on a comment only boom boom made but the rest of you certainly seem to be indicating similar feelings...cup or ur worthless.

Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
The haters choose to judge a GM on the success of the team.
It's not haters we're dealing with. Sather hate is one thing. It's the Ranger hate that shows how a lot of these fans are just bandwagon babies who only care about seeing a cup victory. No player loyalty, no appreciation for the game or as Boom proved no appreciation for the franchise history and amazing players that have been apart of it simply because they didn't get a cup. It's not about love for the team and hating a GM for standing in the team's way no it's about the fact that many seem intent on pretending they actually are the team so the GM let them down personally the GM got in their way of "winning".

Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
*sigh* I really didn't want to weigh in on this again, but I feel the uncontrollable need to throw out a couple of things.

First of all, can we give Sather credit for building a team that looks "poised to be a strong, potential contender" without saying Sather has done a great job as GM? I think we can. I think we can even do this while viewing anything Sather does through a veil of cynicism.

Second of all, I think the entire "results=praise" crowd vastly exaggerates what the other side thinks of Sather's job and his tenure. No one is ready to call Sather's job a great one or even a good one on a wholistic level. Most of us on this side of the argument say "good lately, but not good enough to change my overall opinion of him"
Perfectly said. Rational. Logical. Quite frankly I still feel Sather blows but I'm not so blinded by my hatred of Sather that I fail miserably to separate the team from my own selfishness and hatred as many in this thread seem to.
Originally Posted by Shadowtron View Post
I liken Sather to an artistic painter. He's gone out and procured the best brushes, paints, and canvases. He's brought in people who have a keen eye for supplies. He has all the tools to the produce a truly magnificent painting. But he has yet to paint a single stroke let alone a masterpiece. However, there are those who are willing to call him one of the best artists of the decade...because they like his brushes.
And yet nobody claimed he's painted a masterpiece so your speaking out of your butt. It'd be a good analogy if half the people weren't acknowledging that Sather finally got out of his own way and that Sather was cap strapped and MAYBE learned his lesson. Oh yes clearly the words of people worshipping at Sather's feet.

Originally Posted by surf View Post
Not that it matters but home grown means you were drafted by the Team..We didnt draft either we traded for them..Im glad we have both.
So by this logic Favre is not a Packer and Curtis Martin is not a Jet. McD could become a HOF but he'd never be a Ranger. Really by your definition homegrown is a worthless term. The point is are they Rangers or not? Was Naslund? No. Is McD if he spends his career here? Yes. Are Boyle or Prust if they continue to be what they've been? Yes. Was Messier? Yes? Honestly for what he brought it's iffy but I consider Jagr a Ranger too. Thlough I'm not stupid enough to say they were only Rangers I appreciated and admired what they brought here too much to pretend like they were just also rans.

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