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09-15-2011, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by jdmef8vtec View Post
sounds about right, it sits in front of your rad, so it can take some impacts, couple hours labor, parts probably $300-400, and then evacuate and recharge the a/c system, always go dealer, unless you know and really trust someone dont bother, its really usually not worth the risk. If you dont care about a/c dont fix it, and sell it advising a/c doesnt work to potential buyers.
always go dealer?

Umm... dealers are the biggest crooks.

Just today I called a honda dealer to get my gf's tranny flushed (hehe, that sounds bad) and after going in person and talking about it ... it's not even a real flush!

All they do is a regular drain, for 92$ + tax!

I asked them why they called it a flush if it's just a drain -- '' it's a honda flush '''

No, it's a marketing scam...

I buy my parts myself and I know guys who are mechanics, who've worked at dealers, and I just take it to their home...

I save 50% if not more this way... garages mark-up a lot on pieces... and dealers are no exception.. they just abuse it even more because there's no other place to get the 100% original.

The auto industry is all a scam

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Question: My 2nd car is an old 2002 Echo. Just been told that my "condenser" (is it the right wording?) is "défoncé" (broken, needs to be replaced) and while visiting a Toyota dealer, they told me they'd have it replaced and it would cost me close to 700$...Makes sense? Pisses me off to have to spend that much money since I'll probably get rid of it in 2 years max. Any other place they'd do a fine job with it while costing less?

I's a dealer, it is usually more expensive, but in that case is it THAT much more?

WS, whatever you do, consider buying the parts yourself... of course, you will need a mechanic who can work on it, that you trust. Whatever a dealer charges, a regular shop will charge 20-30 percent less... and if you can get your own parts, you're laughing...

btw, when you sell that Echo, don't undervalue it ! The 2000 Echo with 200KM are still selling for $2K +

Very slow depreciation with those cars

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