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09-15-2011, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
always go dealer?

Umm... dealers are the biggest crooks.

Just today I called a honda dealer to get my gf's tranny flushed (hehe, that sounds bad) and after going in person and talking about it ... it's not even a real flush!

All they do is a regular drain, for 92$ + tax!

I asked them why they called it a flush if it's just a drain -- '' it's a honda flush '''

No, it's a marketing scam...

I buy my parts myself and I know guys who are mechanics, who've worked at dealers, and I just take it to their home...

I save 50% if not more this way... garages mark-up a lot on pieces... and dealers are no exception.. they just abuse it even more because there's no other place to get th+ e 100% original.

The auto industry is all a scam
Im not gonna debate with you on recommended services they offer you cause yes some are stupid, call it a flush (flushing your toilet is draining no???) or transmission oil change(which is what I called it when i worked the counter) $92 is pretty good, u cant flush a honda transmission, a half labor + fluid sounds reasonable to me. At least if your dealing with a reputable dealer they stand behind their repairs, and warranty their repairs, most reputable dealers that dont fix your car right the first time will never charge you to fix the second time if they made a mistake, if you dont feel your dealership as that mentality then your dealing with the wrong place. Ive seen many more horror stories from small garages, canadian tires etc.... then i have seen from dealers, thank god I dont work in dealers anymore.

whats your line of work my friend?

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