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09-16-2011, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
The TEAM is great. I love my TEAM. The TEAM I love is achieving despite the moronic GM.That's sad that you and several "fans" around here seem so desperate for a cup that it takes precedence over loving your team...
What a bunch of baloney.

On what planet is the team great? Just because your perception of the word great deviates largely from the accepted definition for the term doesn't mean that you love the team anymore than anyone else. To date, the team has achieved NOTHING, primarily because of the moronic GM.

IMO, it's quite sad that you can't figure out that virtually no one believes that it's "cup or bust," but rather that most people are simply desperate to see a cup contending team, because that inherently would allow them to watch a great hockey team, something that has never come even close to happening during the reign of Sather. For people with a deeper love of the sport than yours may be, loving a particular edition of a team is next to impossible unless that team is capable of consistently playing great, world class hockey.

Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
And only the most irrational of fans would claim that success is tied solely to championship rings as many on here do. They earned our respect and admiration and so has this team of guys. It's sad to see how many fairweather bandwagoners seem to be on these boards although maybe I'm overgeneralizing everybody based on a comment only boom boom made but the rest of you certainly seem to be indicating similar feelings...cup or ur worthless.
Only the most irrational fan would assert that this team is great, when this team has eluded greatness in favor of pure mediocrity as if success were a fatal disease. It isn't even rational to predict greatness from this team this coming season. A prediction of "good" is fair.

Your posts on this matter have done little other than overgeneralize. I'm a fairweather bandwagon fan because I'm tired of watching boring, predictable, beer league style hockey? Tremendously entertaining hockey tends to include displays of hockey strategy, particularly at the offensive end, executed to perfection, and a good deal of it to boot. I was in elementary school the last time that was the case for the Rangers. Teams that lack skill and talent, as has been the case for the duration of Sather's tenure due to his illogical approach to teambuilding, play far less entertaining hockey.

no appreciation for the game or as Boom proved no appreciation for the franchise history and amazing players that have been apart of it simply because they didn't get a cup. It's not about love for the team and hating a GM for standing in the team's way no it's about the fact that many seem intent on pretending they actually are the team so the GM let them down personally the GM got in their way of "winning".
AFAIC, being thoroughly entertained by mediocre hockey; interpreting that to be "great," is nothing if not a signal of a lack of appreciation for the game. If you truly treasure hockey in its finest form, you can't possibly believe that what you've seen to this point is worth loving. It simply isn't the same thing. The GM didn't get in my way of winning, but he sure got in the way of my opportunity to love a team that plays hockey the way it's meant to be played, and he's been doing it from the moment he got here till the moment the last season ended.

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