Thread: GDT: Coyotes @ Kings 6PM
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09-16-2011, 03:09 AM
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Positive feelings:

* he is so young and raw, but I was surprised how good and consistent he was. This kid has top 6-potential - I think that he is a better prospect than Maxim Kitsyn.

* smart - smart fighter, smart player. They should sign him ASAP, because he is AHL-ready now. Schumacher-Andreoff-Mignardi was Kings best line overall, although they didn't score second game.

* he is smaller than Oscar Möller, but he was the best player out there. Maybye future pp-specialist in the NHL?

* healthier Loktionov? Clever passer, skinny body.

* I thought that he is a pure thug, but actually he can play a little. Hard worker.

* skating was better than I expected. He is not a fluid skater for sure, but it was not that awful.

Not so positive feelings:

* stupid, just runs around and tries to hit people. He is six years older than Schumacher and already the Swede is a better player.

* inconsistent. He should simplify his game.

* he really can skate and seems to be naturally aggessive, but I not sure how smart he is. But I'm sure that Teubert + Deslauriers <<< Myers.

Gibson, Morrison


I liked Roach, Cajkovski and Zahn, but Durepos was awful. Miller was OK, just like Mignardi. Carnevale was pretty useless.

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