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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
I'll never go without full gear unless I'm at stick and puck or an outdoor shinny game.

I see lots of guys who will opt out of the shoulder pads, but it seems insane to me. You never know when an errand stick or shot is going to drill you in the chest. I'll deal with a little extra bulk rather than take the risk of a fractured rib.

The only thing I'll go without on occasion is my elbow pads and my neck guard. Sometimes they refuse to stay on (really old, bad velcro straps) so I'll just take them off and deal with it.
Get some new elbows my man. My Vapors don't move. I actually bought a size smaller (medium) just so they fit snug. I do have a gap between the glove and elbow pad though hence the need for wrist guards if you play with hacks like I do.

The thing I really don't get is the half shield or no shield at all. It's ridiculous. Lose some teeth, break a nose, lose an eye for what? Too look cool? Better vision? Two weeks ago in pickup guy with a half shield is going in on a breakaway, gets hooked from behind and goes down, goalies skate gets him right in the face. Blood everywhere. Is it really worth it?

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