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09-16-2011, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
Our defense was pretty shoddy. Blidstrand had an awful game, he was tentative and not comfortable with the puck at all. Lauridsen needs to be a either quicker on the skates or learn to get into the right position faster, he didn't impress in a game where he has two, three, four years on his opponents. Suellentrop didn't exactly stand out in a positive light either, but he has some years to grow on though.

Kessel was probably the best of them due to his offensive play, but, just based off this game, he needs a lot of work before being ready for the big show. I think Hostetter was pretty decent as well. One of the try-out kids, Boutet or something, had some pretty good puckhandling skills though. He was perhaps a bit too comfortable at times, making some risky plays in front of our own goal.

Schenn and Couturier didn't have any breakout games, but they were almost always involved in what happened. Akeson had a good game, showed some really nice vision. I had hoped for a little more from guys like Cousins and Ranford though. Cousins made things a little too difficult for himself a few times and Ranford was pretty much invisible.
Ranford was invisible and Cousins was trying way to hard rather than letting the game come to him.

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