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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
thats a cute little analogy but it doesnt actually work

first, sather doesnt coach or play...he's a general manager...his job is to assemble the pieces, moniter how they progress, and make changes when necessary, but at the end of the day hes not the one doing the "painting" as you your analogy actually paints a picture of him doing a good job (see what i did there? )

You're over-thinking it. At the end of the day, he has a job to do. When the team starts bearing the fruit of his efforts (as it should, right?), then we can start labeling him a successful GM. That was the point of the anology. Would you call anyone great/successful if they weren't producing the results required of their position?

Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
secondly, no one (in their right mind) is willing to call him the best anything of the decade
"One of the best GMs since the lockout" (which is now, what, 7 years ago?) isn't thrown around here whenever these threads spring up?

Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
people are merely saying (or should be saying) that he has assembled what appears to be some good pieces at this point in time...and thats a fact, regaurdless of any history or anyones personal opinions on how the last decade has played out
Saying U2 sucks Donkey Balls but thinking Bloody Sunday is a good song is one thing. Only listening to Blood Sunday's drum track and claiming it's a great song is something else. I'm arguing against the latter not the former.

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