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Originally Posted by Holdurbreathe View Post
The keys to great offence production are skating ability & speed, anticipation (reading the play/ utilizing teamates), vision, creativity, soft hands and determination.

None of these things are a bag of tricks and each of the players you mentioned above possess above average ability in three or more of the above areas. It is the level of the skill they possess that makes their "signature" moves effective, not the other way around.

Comparing Foligno to MZ on any level in an attempt to make a point is really disingenious. While it is true Mike will make 2 or 3 incredible plays over 82 games, he lacks the requisite skills to do it will any consistency.

MZ on the other hand already possess those skills, the only question is how will he utilize them in the development of his game. Therein lies the mystery, only the future will reveal.
I'm not sure what I said to be disingenious here.

Foligno was a 1st round draft pick with some offensive upside when drafted. We've seen enough to know that upside is limited to that of a 20 goal scorer most likely, but that doesn't mean using his skillset as an example of one that can't produce huge numbers isn't a valid one. Keep in mind I'm not say ZBad will be a Folgno either.

As to your grasp of MZ's skills a week into his first games in NA, it's interesting that you have such clear scouting report on his offensive abilities after only a few rookie games. As noted, he hasn't produced elite #'s at any level yet, and while his skillset and size give the indication he could have some higher tier offensive abilities, it hasn't materialized quite yet. Let's not put the cart before the horse here.

And before you jump all over me, I'm not down on the guy at all. But I don't see taking a pass between the legs on the fly in a rookie game as indication this guy has elite level skill in the Forsberg / Jagr territory. Try to remember that is the context of my post and the discussion you jumped into.

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