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Thanks for the input.
No, no worries with the coaching, also much support without pressure. No signs of burnout. He's an underager and he'll do anything the coach ask him for, highly motivated, always asking for more. He's having a hell of a good time.

My worries are more on the long term run. I do not see any medical adviser having a look at those kids. What about mental fatigue? Those kids still go to school. I have seen too many talents quit at age 15-17. Just because they had enough of it. I'd like to avoid that.

Basically, I just asked for a comparison. How does a weekly hockey program look like for a 12-14 y/o who plays at the highest possible level?

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Krax....IMO you should focus on what the practices are like and how you, as a parent, encourage him as a player.

Are the practices well done or is it done by an old school coach who has the kids standing in lines to do sprints? Or have they adopted new, station/skills type practices?

As a parent are you a guy who keeps encouraging through positivity? Do you see signs of burnout with your guy? There is a balance you have to acheive that goes between encouragement and gentle pushing and overbearing.

If your kid is having a good time, go with it. People get overly dramatic about the burnout factor because they know a kid who probably had a d-bag dad who went over the top and made the kid hate it. There is nothing wrong with desire and drive for a sport a person loves.

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